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Paws into Fall

It is hard to believe that fall is already here, or maybe for some of you, it is great that fall is finally here! Summer of 2018 has come to an end, leaving behind amazing memories! We had great walks on beautiful sunny days, some a bit too hot, but overall, they were indeed amazing, fun, bright days filled with exciting moments, wild adventures and wishes and a bit of anticipation, of what 2019 summer will bring to us!

Now that fall is here, we shift our gears, changing our sneakers for rain boots, shorts for pants, t-shirt for sweaters, short walks on three digits temperature days for walks on cool weather days with roads covered with the most beautiful colors shades of leaves. It is undeniable, autumn is simply breathtaking, at least we humans think so! But how about our four-legged friend? Do they think so high of the fall season as well? Do they enjoy it as much as we do? I like to think so! The days might be shorter, but there are plenty of reasons for our canine friends to love everything autumn has to offer, here are a few of them:

Leaf pile: one doesn’t even have to be a dog to enjoy a pile of leaves, if you have ever jumped on one, you know exactly what I am talking about. If you haven’t, then write it down on your ‘to-do fall list’ and make sure you take your dog with you! Just make sure any leaf piles your dog (and you) might play in are filled only with leaves before any jumping take place.

Gorgeous photo background: if there is one thing I really enjoy doing it, it is photographing my fur clients! Not only do I have the most beautiful clients that makes so easy to photograph, they also enjoy having their photos taken! It is a great way to bond with them, to cheer them up when they make a ‘model pose’ and also to make their parents happy and proud that they have such amazing gorgeous fur babies! And with ‘God provided background’ fall pictures get all glamorous with ‘nature touch’.

Dressing up: sure not all dogs enjoy having clothes on, but dressing up doesn’t necessarily means pants and shirts or dress, it could simply be a cute bandana, or a nice bowl tie, or even a cute fall scarf. Whatever it is, make sure it is safe(not so tight, not so loose) and your dog is actually enjoying it!

Pumpkin’ everything: pumpkin is nutritious for both you and your dog! Not only it is a great complement for their diet if used to make healthy treats or as a food portion replacement if your dog is on the overweight side (pumpkins are very low on calories) as well as a great source of fiber that can potentially help with digestive regularity. And the best part of it, dogs love the taste of pumpkin!

Fall may just have started but the list of things you and your woof buddy can create together is endless! So, go ahead! Have fun! Enjoy the season and your best most loyal companion!

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