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Happy Valen-paws Day!

Today is International Love Day or Valentine’s Day! What a great day to celebrate those we love, including our most loyal, loving, dear friend - our dog. There are so many reasons why we should make Valentine’s Day a special day for our dog, and I can’t think of a most meaningful one than to reciprocate all the love we receive from them.

Let’s take advantage of this special day by arranging a few things that will show our canine buddy how much he/she really means to us.

Homemade dog biscuit for breakfast: homemade treats don’t have to be super fancy. Anything from meat-based savory treats to peanut butter biscuits or dried sweet potato will set your dog’s tail wagging. It will be a great way to start your dog’s day! On Pinterest you will find endless recipes that are not only delicious but super easy to make!

Road trip: now really, what dog doesn’t love to look out of a car window, sticking its nose out to enjoy some fresh air while enjoying the company of its most favorite human? Get your dog in the car and go on a road trip! You don’t need to go really far, perhaps a park near you or a special ‘lunch date’? (next idea below!)

Lunch at a dog-friendly cafe: Um-hum! Here is your ‘lunch date’ idea! Dress up your fur baby and go to a dog-friendly cafe! Your dog will definitely have an amazing time! I mean, really, what’s better than to be with the one you love, looking good and feeling good, and eating yummy food?

A nice evening walk: what a nice way to tell your dog you're home from work and ready to take him/her out for a walk! A nice walk, just the two of you, boding, spending time together, and adventuring, enjoying the nature with fresh air.

Movie time: how about ending your exciting day with some downtime? Get cozy, grab a blanket, and watch a movie together! I really like a movie named Hachi, it illustrates the bond between dog and person.

Donate to your favorite shelter or rescue organization in your dog’s name: you have celebrated the love you and your dog share and it felt amazing, right? So how about showing some love to other dogs there are still waiting for a forever home? Make a donation (monetary or supplies) to your favorite shelter or rescue, and brighten the day of other dogs!

You can create everlasting moments and make great memories with your dog without spending so much money, all you need is to put in a little effort and a lot of love! And remember, love is a fur letter word!

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