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Six Gift Ideas for the Dog Lover on Your List

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Call them dog owners, puppy parents, or what-have-you - anyone who counts a canine among their family members could use something to help them care for their four-legged friend. That's why in this post we're listing six great gift options for the pet people on your list. We'll show you how to tell the real tail waggers from the grumpy growlers, so your lucky friend or family member will have nothing but smiles on her face during this holiday season. Let's get at it.

Dog Harnesses

Old-fashioned collars are a poor choice for most dogs. They're uncomfortable, may come loose, and even cause throat injury in some cases. Harnesses are a better option by far, according to the experts at Whole Dog Journal. Here are key features to look for:

  • Multiple adjustment points that allow for a custom fit.

  • A Y-shaped chest piece, which offers more comfort than a horizontal strap.

  • Substantial chest rings that can stand up to a spirited dog.

Retractable Leashes

These products offer adjustable lengths to match the walker's walking style. Look for models with these features:

  • An ergonomic, anti-slip grip for comfort.

  • Sturdy weatherproof components for years of use.

  • Strength ratings that match the size and weight of the recipient's dog.

Some models include handy features like built-in flashlights for night walking and twin leashes for walking two dogs at once.

Dog Beds

Vets tell us that pups need a comfy, supportable sleep surface every bit as much as humans. So give your giftee's pup an orthopedic bed and get ready for the displays of gratitude. Look for models with these features:

  • A thick layer of gel-infused, dense memory foam. Avoid bargain-priced products stuffed with cheaper grades of memory foam or, even worse, shredded foam rubber.

  • A waterproof, chew-resistant exterior that will stand up to Fido's ferocity.

  • Multi-year warranties and user satisfaction guarantees like a 100 night "love it or leave it" guarantee.

Dog Backpacks

Hiking are backpacking are great ways to get fit and enjoy nature's beauty. So it's little wonder that active dog owners love to take their pets with them when they roam the wild. A dog backpack can help to ensure the pup has everything she needs for a perfect outdoor adventure, according to writers for The Modern Bark. Look for models with these features:

  • Y-shaped supports that distribute weight across the dog's body.

  • Mesh fabrics and/or heat-shedding water bladders for hot days.

  • A padded handle so the owner can give her dog a helping hand over sizable barriers.

Dog Fleece

Equestrians are known for covering their horses in specially designed blankets on cold winter days. Why should Rover enjoy any less during the blustery weather to come? Look for dog jackets with the following features:

  • Weatherproof exteriors crafted from nylon or other durable fabrics.

  • Interior fleece linings for comfort and warmth.

  • Reflective tags on the outside for visibility at night.

Dog Fencing

No nightmare is more dreaded by dog owners than finding out their friend has gone missing. The best way to make sure Rover never roams too far is to erect a sturdy fence around the property. Chain link fencing is a good options for pets. The material is weather resilient, chew proof, and comes in green and other natural colors. The average price to install a chain link fence in Boston is $1,187 - $2,808, depending on size, location, and specific features.

Giving a dog-related gift is a sure way to please both canine and human. So browse the ideas in this post and get ready to make someone's holidays a lot brighter.

This blog was written by Cindy Aldridge from! An amazing site where you, dog lovers, will find great information to educate you and potential dog owners about how dogs can enrich our lives!

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