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I am thankful for my dogs

One of my favorite holidays is right around the corner, Thanksgiving! And it is not my favorite holiday just because of all the delicious food I eat, but also because it enables me to stop, take a deep breath from the trials and pressures of life in my daily world and of the world around us, and to really pause and think of the things I am most thankful for. Without a doubt, this is something I should be doing every day of my life, but like many others, I do not do it as much as I should.

I am thankful for my husband, my son, my family, my friends, a roof over our heads, the food in our table, and the ‘boys’ as we call our two dogs Tico and Teco. I am also thankful to be able to make a living doing something I am extremely passionate about - working with dogs. I am one of those people who can truly say ‘I do what I love'. Since January of this year I have started working for myself as a dog walker and dog blogger, and boy, has it been amazing or what? Learning how to run a small business has been challenging yet extremely interesting and rewarding. Ellie Walks Dogs has giving me the chance to work with some amazing dogs! Every day with my woof clients is a day filled with love, jog, and laughter! They have taught me so much already, from the smallest to the greatest, they all have a little ‘spice’ to flavor up my day.

And today, as we prepare our selves to give thanks for all the things in our life, I want to take a moment to really tell my boys Tico and Teco how much I am thankful for them. Tico and Teco arrived in my life 6 years ago. Our plan was to get only Teco (the blonde one) he was the only one left from a litter of 5, he was the ‘ugliest one’ with freezy, wild, long hair and light brown nose. I felt in love with him immediately but we had to wait until all of his vaccination and paper work were ready. On the day of picking him up we had a big surprise, one of his brothers, Tico (the black one) was returned due to personal circumstance with the family who had got him at first, I, on the other hand, had no doubt, it was meant to be! I mean, how much better could it get? Because there is no way I would ever leave one behind. And now, 6 years later, here I am, with my two boys, who I love with my entire heart! I am so thankful for their seemingly endless comfort, companionship, and laughter they bring into my life. From the morning kisses to the night cuddles, from the ‘catch the Mix’ (the stuffed animal they refer to as Mix) to the little paws pulling my hand over to scratch the belly, from car rides to walks in park, I love you boys and I am thankful for all of it!

I wake up every day and watch as they embrace each new morning as if it is going to be grand. They don’t look back, they don’t worry about the future, they assume all is great. They really get it. They really know what it means to live each day as if it is the only day and they live it to the fullest!

Thank you boys, for loving us so much and for teach us so much in life!

Take a moment to reflect on why you opened your heart and home to your dogs, and what makes them so special to your life!

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