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Veterans and Dogs

On Veterans Day we honor the men and women who have served in our armed forces, now let us take a moment to also consider the dogs who stay home waiting for their loved soldiers to come back from the war, the military working dogs who have served beside their soldiers, and service dogs who have become part of the veterans post-military lives.

Dogs of home: when soldiers go to their deployments, some of them can not make arrangements for their dogs’ care, in some cases they are forced to give their dogs up to adoption. A nonprofit organization known as Dogs on Deployment recognize this need and work on arrange foster care for dogs of deployed soldiers.

Dogs of War: dogs have been in war zones since antiquity, fighting alongside their human soldiers, and used at the forefront of battle to break the forces on the enemy line. They have served in combat on behalf of many nations. They have fought as attack dogs, kept vigil, guarded camps, scouted territory, detected land mines and delivered messages.

In the year of 2000, a law went into effect that offered former military working dogs the chance to be adopted, usually the dogs’ former handlers adopt them. An organization known as United States War Dogs Association works on facilitate the adoption of former military working dogs.

Dogs of Healing: human and dogs veterans who served together can still be a great support to each other after their tours of duty is over. Comfort can also comes from assistance dogs, also known as ‘service dogs’.

Canine Companions for Independence provides trained assistance dog to veterans, without cost to the veterans themselves. These are veterans who have injuries such as lost limbs or permanent spinal cord damage, these assistance dogs help them to live self-sufficiently and also add companionship and emotional support.

Dogs are always by our side in war and in peace. As we remember our Veterans today, let us not forget the canines who serve in combat zones and those who help bring peace to Veterans after the war is over.

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