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How to help pets in Houston, TX.

In the wake of this terrible disaster caused by the rainfall associated with Hurricane Harvey, the deep sense of loss, and the sadness can be felt all across the country as residents (and their pets) of Houston and its environs and part of Louisiana, are witnessing one of the worst hurricanes to hit the country since Katrina.

The pictures and videos of the devastation are heart-wrenching. Houston, TX and the surrounding area are being pummeled by heavy rain, and now, more than ever, they need help and support. I felt it was of upmost importance to share with you how we can help the countless pets and their owners that are trapped, stranded and displaced in Houston.

1. Houston Pets Alive is swamped with requests for aid, while Austin Pets Alive just took in over 200 animals displaced by the hurricane and are preparing for more in the coming days. To volunteer, foster, or donate, click here.

2. Houston SPCA are encouraging the public to not donate tangible items. The immediate need for animal disaster assistance is monetary donations, this allows affected shelters to purchase the items they need without having to sort through and store thousands of donated items. To donate to the Houston SPCA, click here.

3. Harris County Animal Shelters’ staff are working around the clock to keep their animals safe and helping with surrounding shelters needs. You can help by donating, or making purchases from the shelters’ Amazon wish lists. Here is the Harris County Shelter’s wish list.

4. Houston K911 Rescue is just one of the many area groups that will now rely on donations to be able to continue saving animals. Others include Warriors Educate About Rescue, S.A.V.E Rescue Coalition, the Rescued Pets Movement and the Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project. The nonprofit Houston PetSet has set up a Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Fund, through which money will be distributed to support local animal welfare efforts.

5. Days of the Dogs is another Houston nonprofit organization that had its regular transport van flooded and ruined in Harvey. The group is now raising $2,700 to replace it so they can get back to saving the city’s animals.

Your help is need on a number of fronts. First and foremost are donations. Next, now is a great time to adopt a pet or to become a foster, this will free up space in shelters and rescue groups, leaving more capacity for bringing in pets from these storm-ravaged places. Know that the pets being moved out of the area are generally those who were in the shelter before the storm and were already up for donation, they are not pets separated from their owners due to the Hurricane Harvey.

Whether you are a dog, cat, cow, bird, or reptile lover, this is the time to come together as pet parents and help the animals that we hold dear. We might be fortunate to live in areas where Hurricane Harvey didn’t reach and we have our homes to keep us sheltered and our pups to love on, but many right now don’t. Let’s make a difference in this terrible tragedy and let’s give our help and support. Whether you donate, or adopt an animal in need of a new home, or simply share this post around so others can read it as well, giving them a chance to help and support as well. Any action you take to help is a great action!

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