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8 summer treats your dog will love

I mean, seriously, do you know of any food that scream ‘summer’ more than fresh strawberries, corn on the cob, watermelon and ice cream? We have all these yummy foods to look forward to and to enjoy when the weather heats up, but what about our four-legged friends? Can we treat them to something special and fun and delicious to mark the summer season?

I’ve made a list of 8 dog treats for the dog days that are doggie tasty and dog-friendly. They are very easy to make and healthy, in case you are tempted to sample one.

1. 'Pupsicles': there are infinite treats you can make using party cups or an ice tray. you can mix yogurt with peanut butter or with fruit, frozen fruit smoothie, canned food mixed with low-sodium broth, and more. Be creative! Layer the ingredients in the container and use a rawhide stick treat as a stick or a milk bone treat.

2. Fresh Carrots: they are filled with really good and healthy stuff such as vitamin A and antioxidants that protects your fur friend coat and keep it shiny. Chewing on them can help to clean your dog teeth and mouth and to scrape off plaque and food particles.

3. Pumpkin: don’t wait until September to enjoy pumpkin. They are so good and healthy and great for your dog’s digestive tract, and the best part is, you can find a variety of them all year around. Try baking pumpkin cookies and make some pumpkin frozen treats, your canine buddy will love you even more for that!

4. Watermelon: can you really think of anything more summery than watermelon?! Neither can I! Our loved fur friends enjoy watermelon just as much as we do and will enjoy whether they get a piece of it or get a treat made with it. Just remember, they should not consume the rind and the

seeds as they could cause intestinal blockage.

5. Ice cream: human ice cream can hurt your dog’s tummy but there are some brands out there specialized on ‘pup ice cream’. Try Frosty Paws and Puppy Scoops, and just be mindful of the calories!

6. Grilled meat: enjoying a bbq with your family and friends? Why not let your dog enjoy it as well? Grill up some chicken, or beef, or pork and just be careful with not feeding your fur friend with onions, scallions, and garlic, they are toxic for your dog. Also, keep the meat plain and don’t add any sugary sauce. Avoid bones, they can become choking hazards or puncture your dog’s intestine.

7. Coconut oil: coconut oil is good for your dog’s skin and coat and is a super healthy treat. Just soften some coconut oil and make little drop shapes and freeze them. Store them in an airtight container in the fridge.

8. Frozen cake, with toys!: this is a super fun treat idea for an insanely hot summer afternoon. Fill up a cake mould with water and low sodium chicken stock and stuff some of your dog’s toys in there and then freeze! Your fur buddy will spend hours licking away at the cake to get the toys, and it will help him/her to stay hydrated and entertained.

Whatever summer fun treat you make for your dog, remember that it is just that - a treat and it should make only up to 10% of her/his total diet to avoid extra weight gain. And remember, you should always consult with your veterinarian before introducing new food into your fur friend’s diet.

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