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Why your dog has stinky breath

You only need a few minutes of interaction with your dog (or any dog really) until kisses and licks from them start to come your way, after all, dogs are affectionate animals. But sometimes those licks and kisses come with a stinky stinky smell to them. Bad breath, known medically as halitosis, ins’t just an unpleasant thing for you, it could mean something serious to your dog.

There are a variety of causes for halitosis in dogs, learning about them can help you protect the health of your furry friend.

Periodontal Disease: in most cases, the cause of the odor is the bacteria that bland together with food bits causing plaques to grow around their teeth and irritating gingivitis. As plaque matures and periodontal disease progresses, more destructive bacteria come into play. It is a painful disease that can lead to tooth loss.

Diabetes: if your dog’s bad breath resembles of a sweet or fruity kind of smell, there is a chance your dog may be suffering from diabetes. If you suspect this is the case, make sure to look out for other symptoms of diabetes, such as frequent drinking and urination.

Kidney Disease: if your dog’s breath smell like urine, it is not because he/she drinks pee. A urine odor is a warning sign of kidney disease. The waste products that are normally eliminated by the kidneys build up in the bloodstream and then show up in the breath with an ammonia like smell to it.

Liver Disease: if your dog’s breath is truly foul and he/she exhibits a lack of appetite, has a yellow tinge to the gum, eyes, and tongue; it is most likely your fur friend is having a liver problem. The liver is an important organ, it helps with digestion and blood clotting and it removes toxins from the system. If it is not working properly, it can make your dog sick.

We love receiving those kisses and licks our furry friends give us with so much love! And we sure don’t want stinky breath to interfere on getting them. It is our job as pup parents to keep an eye on our fur babies. They need our attention, our love and our care. So for the love of pup kisses and licks, have the habit of brushing your pup’s teeth daily, it might take a few seconds of your time but it could prevent them from serious health issues. Watch what you feed them, just like us human, junk food can cause a series of health problems. Your four-legged friend is acting ‘weird’? Don’t hesitate, don’t wait, call your vet and set up an appointment. And remember: regular vet. checkups is a must!


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