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Spring safety tips for your dog

Spring is finally here, the days are now getting longer and we are starting to put away our winter gear, getting ready for all the fun the outdoor weather will be bringing us, and as we prepare for the spring, we have to keep our furry kids in mind. When seasons change so does the environment around and we need to make sure our dogs are ready for these changes. On this post, you will find a few suggestions on things to look for, to be careful with, and to look out, so you can keep your canine buddy safe this spring.

Early tick and flea prevention: spring is when tick and fleas start coming out again. Start preventatives early to keep them away from your dog, and out of your house, yard, and carpeting.

Spring Cleaning: we all have this tradition of putting stuff away and get some cleaning done so our home is ready for the spring. This is indeed a great habit but we should keep in mind that almost all cleaning products, even the natural ones, contain chemicals that could be harmful to our dogs. Always read the labels and put them away after you are done using them, this is the safest procedure.

Your Garden Their Garden: spring is here and we are so ready to start planting and to keep our plants and lawns healthy and green. We make use of fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides, but, are they safe to dogs? No, they are not, they contain ingredients that may be dangerous if ingested. Storing these products in safe places and following the label instructions are great ways to keep your fur baby safe. And let’s keep in mind also that some springtime plants are also toxic to dogs and can be fatal if eaten.

Sneezy snout: so many joy comes with spring but there is one annoying as well: allergy. Our dogs, just like us, can be allergic to foods, dust, plants and pollens. Allergic reactions in dogs can cause itching, sneezing, and even life-threatening anaphylactic shock caused by stings and insect bites. If you suspect your dog has a springtime allergy, consider contacting your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Riding Safe: our furry friends sure enjoy the wind on their furry face while riding in the car, and I don’t blame them, it does feel awesome, but truth be said, it is not safe. Flying debris or insects can cause inner ear and eye injuries, and stops or turns can cause major injury, or worse. If your canine buddy likes to go on a car ride, make sure they are secured in a crate or wearing a seatbelt harness designed especially for them.

Out and About: with the weather warming up, we take more trips to the parks, we go for longer walks, and we increase the chances of our dogs to wander off. Making sure your dog is microchipped and always having them wearing their tag with your home address and cell phone number imprinted are great ways to help you to connect with your furry buddy back in case of such unfortunate situation.


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