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5 reasons why dogs are good for you

1) Dogs make you feel less stressed

This is so true, you just have to try it out! Feeling stressed? Pet your dog! Studies have shown that within seconds of petting our dogs our heart rate begins to slow down, giving you a less stressed more relaxed’kind of feeling.

2) Dogs teach you responsibility

There is no joke about owning a dog; it requires discipline, responsibility, and time.

They can be a great source of skill learning for kids; for example, at our home we teach our little man to feed the dogs and refill the water bowl daily, take them out a few times a day, and there is no day off to any of this!

3) Dogs understand you

Studies have shown that the brain of a dog reacts to voices and sounds such as crying and laughter the same way our brains do. They can also ‘scan’ faces, a process we call ‘reading emotion’, making them the only nonhuman animals capable of reading faces.

4) Dogs keep us healthy

That’s right, dogs do keep us healthy, in so many ways! Studies have shown that dog owners have lower rates on both blood pressure and cholesterol. Studies have also shown that living with an animal in the first year of life can be instrumental in developing resistance to infectious respiratory illnesses during childhood.

5) Dogs love you unconditionally

The biggest and best reason why dogs are good for us is the love. Dogs love theirs owners without question, unconditionally, and without judgement. It is incredibly rewarding to love a dog, and there is a reason we call them ‘man’s best friend!’

There are so many other reasons why dogs are good for us! I dare you to find out yourself!

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